About Us

Ausergo - Delivering Quality Ergonomic Office Solutions Since 2015

Our mission

Whether you’re suffering from lower back pain or RSI, we’ve been there. Our team are all career office workers and are familiar with the pitfalls of a non ergonomic office. Understanding the common causes of “office body” Our goal is to work with you to find the right solution, no matter what the issue.

We get hands on with each and every one of our products. Rest assured there is nothing you can buy on our website that hasn’t been intensively road-tested by us first. Educating ourselves about the ergonomic benefit of each product enables us to provide individual product advice specific to your needs.

Our motto

“Wellness where you work”

The Ausergo Story

Ausergo was founded by David McArthur, a long time sufferer of “office body”. “Despite exercising regularly, all throughout my twenties I suffered from back and neck pain as a result of working constantly in a static position in an office. Our desks were always fixed height, we had “vanilla” keyboards and mice. Getting stuck in the same position for most of your day is clearly not ideal. I wanted to work in an office environment where there was no physical cost of doing so, and looking at my peers I could see that I wasn’t the only one."

Ausergo was born from this desire to source and supply ergonomic solutions like sit stand desks and ergonomic mice Australia wide.
Fast forward to 2019 and Ausergo have worked closely with some of the largest organisations in Australia, providing services from individual ergonomic setups to complete office fitouts.

Environmental Impact & Sustainability

We care about our environmental footprint and try to minimise how much is sent to landfill as a result of our activities. This includes recycling and reusing packaging where possible. Whilst we can supply new tabletops with standing desks, we encourage our customers to reuse existing tabletops with a sit stand desk frame where possible. This allows you to gain the benefit of standing while working, while minimising what is thrown away.

Ausergo have partnered with many of the best providers in the industry to supply sit stand desks and ergonomic chairs to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, and many other areas Australia wide. Free trials are available for ergonomic chairs. To organise a free trial please contact Ausergo for details.