Ergonomic Mice

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What are the benefits of an ergonomic mouse? 

Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Last updated 30th August 2019

Your mouse is your main connection with your computer. Many people spend their entire workday at their computer, and as a result can end up using a mouse for more than 8 hours a day. Small, repetitive movements spread out over long periods are a leading factor in common RSI injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis (tennis elbow) and more. An ergonomic mouse is designed to help reduce the risk of these types of injury by completely changing up the way you work.


What are the different types of ergonomic mice?

Vertical Mouse

Wrist movements flexion extension deviation

A vertical mouse turns your hand onto its side into a neutral position (otherwise known as handshake position). The wrist is naturally more inclined to move via flexion and extension. Using a vertical mouse eliminates the radial and ulnar deviation pictured here, causing you to mouse more naturally.

The vertical shape also eliminates forearm twisting, reducing risk of muscle strain in the forearm.


Ambidextrous Mouse 

Ambidextrous mouse DXT

An ambidextrous mouse allows you to work with either hand. Sharing the workload between both hands throughout the day can help to lessen the load on a particular pain point, increasing comfort and reducing the potential for repetitive strain injury.



A rollerbar mouse sits in front of your keyboard and combines the benefits of many other types of ergonomic mice. The central rollerbar brings your hands to the centre while mousing, removing the need to reach for the mouse. Because you are moving the cursor with the tips of your fingers, the mouse remains flat in front of you. A rollermouse will often include programmable buttons that can be assigned to commonly used tasks such as Copy, Paste, Doubleclick and more, reducing total clicks throughout the day. Some central input devices even include keyboard risers so you can ensure your keyboard is at an ergonomically correct height and angle while mousing. These factors eliminate or reduce four of the main pain points of using a traditional mouse:

  1. Reaching to the side to move your mouse
  2. Unnatural gripping posture
  3. Small wrist movements and poor overall wrist posture
  4. Repetitive clicking



Where to buy an ergonomic mouse

Ausergo is a supplier of ergonomic mice all around Australia. Delivery can be expected within 1 week. If you need guidance our friendly staff are always on hand during business ours to help you choose which ergonomic mouse is best for you. Call us today on 02 8599 2279.