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Want to build your own DIY sit stand desk?

Updated 11th June 2023

When choosing a sit-stand desk frame, it's important to consider factors such as the size of your top (both width and depth), your height, the lifting capacity (based on the weight of your tabletop and the items you'll place on it), and the type of lifting mechanism you prefer. For most uses, a 2-segmented desk frame should suffice unless you need more height adjustability​.

Some of the main factors you’ll need to consider for your project:

  • Am I creating a single, dual leg or triple leg (L-shaped) sit stand desk?
    If your top size is going to be less wide than 1200mm you should consider a single leg frame. Anything over 1200mm wide will require a dual leg frame for stability. Corner desks will require a special 3 leg frame to support the extra table top.
  • How tall am I? Do I really need the tallest adjustable height standing desk available?
    Consider the height adjustment requirements for all users of your computer desk. You shouldn’t need it to go any higher than the relaxed elbow height while standing of the tallest user. Don’t forget to account for your table top thickness.
  • Lifting capacity
    You will need to factor in how heavy your table top is, and if you’ll be adding heavy items (eg. multiple monitor arms, large printers, machinery, etc). For longevity purposes, it’s best not to load your frame right up to it’s lifting capacity.
  • Lifting mechanism
    Electric linear actuator technology has come a long way, with most electric standing desks are now at price parity with manual (wind-up) desks. Consider the ease of use and heaviness of your tabletop when selecting the type of lifting mechanism you will use.
  • Do I need a 2 segmented desk leg or a 3 segmented desk leg?
    More leg segments = more height adjustability range, so this will depend on the height range you require. Unless you need to go particularly low (eg. if you’re building a study desk for the kids) or particularly high (for a very tall person) then a 2 segmented desk frame should be more than enough to achieve the correct standing position for most body types.

Checklist of sit stand desk must-haves

Standing desks are now ubiquitous in the office, so how do you choose from the scores of models available? What sets a height adjustable desk apart from its peers? We’ve compiled a handy checklist of things we believe are important when choosing your frame.

✓ Electric height adjustability
✓ Free-wired (place anywhere, left or right) desk control panel
✓ High quality powder coated frame
✓ Ample lifting capacity
✓ Single motor/linear actuators (less moving parts)
✓ Minimum 5 year warranty
✓ Adjustable rubber footings to account for non-level floors

How to assemble your DIY Sit Stand Desk

For some it may seem intimidating, but in most cases a DIY desk project can be managed by just about anyone with experience assembling flat pack office furniture. For those who’d prefer not to attempt it, we have partnered with the Australia wide furniture assembler Install 2 U who can assist you with assembling your custom height adjustable standing desk.

Tools required:

  • Screwdriver/power drill to drill screw holes
  • Allen/hex keys to assemble frame are provided with the kit

To give you a better idea of what’s involved when assembling a DIY sit stand desk, here is an example assembly video:


Inspiration for your DIY Adjustable Desk

We've included a breakdown of some of the more common electric height adjustable frames available below, highlighting some of the key differences between each.

Conset 501-33 Frame

At a glance:
  • Most popular model, suits most applications 
  • Compatible with wheels/castors, optional memory preset controller
  • Adjustable feet
  • Lifting capacity: 80kg
  • Height range: 665 - 1160 mm
  • 2 segmented
  • Available in black, silver or white
  • Includes adjustable rubber footings
The Conset 501-33 electric sit stand desk frame is the base model and most popular of the Conset range. Suitable for most office or home office applications, the desk legs are connected via steel rail mounted at the top of the legs, which then screws into the table top, ensuring maximum sturdiness. Optional screw in castors are available if you require a desk on wheels. Optional memory preset controller is also available.

Suggested Uses:
Corporate office, home, warehouse, any traditional desk use.

Conset 501-37 Frame

At a glance:
  • Exceptional height range of 57-122cm
  • Well suited to kids, very short or very tall people
  • 100kg lifting capacity
  • 2 segments
  • Available in Black or White
The exceptional height range of this frame allows both children and most adults to share the same desk, sitting or standing. The extra low minimum height makes the Conset 501-37 a stand out DIY standing desk frame for shorter people. 

Suggested Uses:
Schools, education, home offices, environments with multiple users that have varying height ranges

Conset 501-43 Frame

At a glance:
  • Ideal for very tall people, very short people or children
  • Height range: 610 - 1230mm
  • Weight capacity: 100kg
  • Ships with adjustable feet
  • Compatible with wheels/castors
  • 3 segmented
  • Available in Black, Silver or White
  • Includes adjustable rubber footings
The Conset 501-43  is the next model up from the 501-33. The 3 segmented leg provides this model with a high range of adjustability, making this electric sit stand desk frame ideal for very tall or short people, or even children and teenagers. Desk legs are connected with a sturdy steel rail providing maximum stability. Adjusts easily with a simple up/down switch, optional memory preset controller is available.

Suggested Uses:
Very tall or short people, children, teenagers, people working with heavy equipment, heavy tabletops (40kg+)

Conset 501-43 Corner L-Shaped Desk

At a glance:
  • Lift an entire corner workstation with this heavy duty frame
  • 100 kg lifting capacity
  • Height range: 610-1230 mm
  • 3 segmented
  • Available in black, white or silver
  • Includes adjustable rubber footings
Large corner L-shaped frame, best suited to very short or very tall people. Also those working with a lot of paperwork or documentation. Minimum 1800mm length tabletop on one edge.

Suggested Uses:
People working with a lot of paperwork & documentation, or frequently used tools/appliances, eg. lawyers, doctors, architect/draftsman, managers and directors, etc. Suits very tall or short people.

Conset 501-19 Pedestal Single Column

At a glance:
  • Single Column
  • 100 kg lifting capacity
  • Height range: 660mm - 1180mm
  • 2 segmented
  • Available in Black or Silver
  • 5 Year Warranty
This versatile, single column pedestal frame is available with 4 separate base options, allowing you to customise your DIY desk to your heart’s desire. A powerful single column with built in motor can lift up to 100kg.

Optional Extras:
  • Tilt adjustable bracket for adding desk angle, perfect for draftsmen, architects, artists, etc.
  • The basic and centre bases are compatible with castors and a battery to make a portable, mobile laptop desk.
  • Stylish, curved design base includes a built in footrest.
Up to 3 columns are linkable with a synchronized desk control box (special order) so the variety of applications for this column are potentially endless. Please contact Ausergo directly for more details.

Suggested Uses:
Small spaces, point-of-sale applications, hospitals, architects, draftsmen & artists (with tilt bracket), highly customised applications.

We hope the information above will assisting you in choosing the best frame for your DIY standing desk project. Happy building!

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