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Which Sit/Stand Desk model is right for me?

Model No. Description Weight capacity Height adjustability range
501-17 Includes wheels and a cable tray for maximum convenience 80kg 68-120cm (+2.5cm tabletop)
501-26 A best seller. To suit most adults, with increased weight capacity. Silver frame only. 100kg 66-116cm (+2.5cm tabletop)
501-27 For kids or short to mid-range height adults. Silver frame only. 100kg 55-120cm (+2.5cm tabletop)
501-33 A popular entry level Sit/Stand Desk frame in a modern style. 3 frame colour choices. 80kg 66-116cm (+2.5cm tabletop)
501-43 Similar to the 501-33, with an increased weight capacity and height adjustability. 3 frame colour choices. 100kg 61-123cm (+2.5cm tabletop)
501-49 The "Dux". A premium Sit/Stand Desk with elegant cylindrical columns. 3 frame colour choices. 100kg 63-123cm (+2.5cm tabletop)