Height Adjustable Standing Desks and Desk Risers

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Why buy your sit stand height adjustable desk from ausergo.com.au?

Height adjustable sit stand desks are an easy and ergonomic way to have both a comfortable standard height desk and standing desk combined. The popular and cost effective Conset 501-33 Electric Sit-Stand Desk is available in many colours and sizes, or even as a l-shaped corner desk.

Sit stand desks are now widely accepted as one of the best way to increase productivity in your workplace by keeping your workforce fit and active. Adjusting the height of your office desk from a sitting to standing position throughout the day has many well documented health benefits including lowering of fatigue and improving circulation. Available in standard dual electric  column options or smaller single electric column options which are great for hot-desking in clusters, or alone.

Our height adjustable desks are shipped flat-packed Australia wide, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of sitting and standing at their desk.

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