New Sit/Stand Desk Users Evaluate After 3 Months


A recent Australian study to evaluate the effectiveness of Sit Stand Desks asked participants who had never previously used the technology for their feedback after using the product for three months. Below are some of their responses:

"I think you do associate sitting with relaxing where as when I’m standing I am definitely more alert and far more productive."

"I think I must have had a back ache at the time or something and I thought it sounded like a really great idea to be able to spend some time in the day standing rather than sitting the whole day."

"In that email checking process, initially I thought it was a bit of myth, but I’m now convinced that I work through my emails, more efficiently, quicker than I do when I’m sitting down."

"I saw the articles, read the articles, talking about the amount of energy you exert standing as opposed [to sitting] and some of the sort of health benefits so I was quite excited about this thing."

"Today I’ve got it up and I’ve a bad back anyway so it’s good you know to actually, when you stand it gets a bit easier."

"I still have the same level of activeness, if not probably more. Actually I still feel pretty energised when I get home."

"And I do tend to move around my office a lot more as well. So I will go over and get something or I’ll walk out where as if you have to get up and walk away from your chair. I’m probably less likely to do it I’ll save it as a group of things so I’ll only have to go down once."

Interviewer: And what sort of tasks would you do standing?

"All the tasks I do sitting, basically. emails, you know, writing documents, reading documents, phone calls, so everything."

"I got really interested with a small group of colleagues, middle aged men sitting around talking about our dodgy backs. And one of the guys had quite a serious injury and was recently returned from surgery and he had invested in one of these to help out with his recovery and to keep him at work. And, so I thought well I might have a look and I went around now I found some really cheap ones, so I got one to give it a go and really haven’t looked back. Within probably three months, I went out and purchased a whole stack more of them and put them in each of the work units in my division."

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  • David McArthur